Mad for Garlic

NOTE: The Suntec outlet would close on 16 April 2012 for the mall-wide renovation. Business would resume once the renovation is complete.

Spider brought me to Mad for Garlic for dinner. The restaurant was crowded and only outdoor seats were available. Since it was a bit warm, we decided to wait for an indoor table. It didn’t take long as it was easier to find a table for two people than a large group.

Wineade and yujaade

We ordered two drinks; yujaade and wineade ($4.90 each). The wineade was dark red in color and tasted faintly of wine. It wasn’t strong as syrup was added. Spider said that the wineade tasted a little like cough syrup but I thought it wasn’t that bad. Although I agreed that the yujaade was a nicer drink. The yujaade had the distinctive yuzu taste and was slightly carbonated.

Garlic bread tower

We ordered the garlic bread tower ($9.90) for an appetizer. It was just a tiny tower, probably only slightly taller than my hand. It came standing upright with garlic puree on top. The waiter then took a knife and fork and pressed the garlic puree into the bread, mixed it up, pressed the bread flat and then cut it into four slices. From what I  read online, this seemed to be one of the restaurant’s specialties and was very tasty. There was a generous amount of garlic puree in the dish and I thought it would be enough to satisfy any garlic-lover. The puree tasted pretty fresh but there wasn’t a lot of garlic taste to it. It tasted surprisingly rather bland and felt like the chef had forgotten to add salt. Spider had eaten at this restaurant previously and she said that the garlic bread tower was normally much better. So this was probably just a fluke and maybe someone really did forget to add salt.

Garlic snowing pizza

Next we had the garlic snowing pizza ($19.90) which was much better. According to online reports, this seemed to be another of the restaurant’s specialties. The pizza was thin crust and covered in cheese, shrimps, pineapple and many slices of garlic. When I tried to lift up a slice, the crust was so thin that it flopped downwards like one of Dali’s clocks. This was a savory pizza with a bit of sweetness here and there due to the pineapple. Despite the large amount of garlic, the garlic taste was not overpowering and I could taste the other flavors of the ingredients as well. This pizza had to be eaten quickly as it did not taste as nice when it was cold and the garlic slices became chewy and sticky rather than crispy.

Fresh shrimp and garlic sprout pasta

Lastly, Spider and I shared a fresh shrimp and garlic sprout pasta ($18.90). The dish had a single chilli icon next to it so it was a little spicy. We did not have a high tolerance for chilli so we were glad that we shared this dish as we felt that we would not be able to take the whole plate on our own. It seemed that the one-chilli-icon dishes were my limit and I doubt that I would be able to take on the two-chilli-icon dishes. This dish came with four shrimps, some long green stalks that we suspected were garlic sprouts, lots of diced garlic and olive oil. We tried the green stalks but it just tasted like a vegetable and there was no garlic taste to it. So the garlic taste came from the diced garlic rather than the garlic sprouts. The prawns were fresh and the dish had a lovely spicy, garlicky flavor.

Mad for Garlic
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-039, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65-6331507

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