Polar cooks chicken curry

Prima Taste Singapore curry sauce

I tried cooking chicken curry today. I used the Prima Taste Singapore curry paste that mother always used. I liked it because there was (powdered) coconut milk in the ingredients. This was the first time I tried cooking curry so I followed the instructions on the box, even using a measuring beaker so that I would add in the right amount of water. I’m a terrible cook so better play it safe.

Chicken curry

I used chicken thigh meat and added onions, garlic, sweet potato  and beetroot. I thought the beetroot went quite well with the curry but the sweet potato was a bit weird. But maybe I could tell the difference because I knew sweet potato was used in place of potato. Brother didn’t realize there was any difference until I told him. The curry also turned out a bit sweeter than mother’s version, maybe due to the sweet potato. Even though it did not really tasted like mother’s curry, brother liked it and said it was nice.


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