Mao Mao and I went for dinner at Sarnies. It was located in the middle of a row of shophouses. Mao Mao told me that the place was only opened on weekdays and closed on weekends. At the back of the shop was the kitchen and through the large glass window, you have a good view of the owner baking her breads. It was a small place and felt cosy and leisurely. As we sat there, several regulars stopped by and the owner came out of the kitchen to chat with them. The menu was written on the wall and the staff keyed our orders using an iPad. How cool is that?

Because it was dinner, we could chose to have the sandwiches on the menu in sandwich form or bruschetta form. Mao Mao chose to have hers in bruschetta. I asked for mine as a normal sandwich because I was feeling hungry and I figured that a sandwich would be bigger.

Roast chicken sandwich

I ordered the roast chicken sandwich ($12.90) which contained roast chicken, bacon, guacamole and the usual veggies. The chicken was flavorful and the guacamole added the creaminess. The bacon added the crisp but flavorwise, I felt it didn’t make much difference as there were enough flavors in the chicken and guacamole. The bread was baked by the owner and was soft and fluffy. I felt that crust was a bit chewy though (I have soft teeth) but Mao Mao (also known as she-who-likes-to-chew) felt that it was what made the bread special.

Smoked salmon bruschetta

Mao Mao ordered smoked salmon sandwich ($13.90) which contained smoked salmon, creamy dill sauce and capers. The six pieces of bruschetta were placed on a wooden tray and the bread was toasted. Each slice of bread was piled with so much toppings that they were almost falling off. I don’t really like the taste of dill so I preferred my roast chicken sandwich. Mao Mao loves dill, capers and anything salty so she preferred her choice.

136 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068601
Tel: +65-62246091


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