Polar cooks fried rice

Corned beef fried rice

This is the first time I tried cooking fried rice all alone. The last time I tried was more than 10 years ago and mother was looking over my shoulder to make sure that lunch would not be burnt. I decided to cook fried rice again after Mao Mao suggested that I try cooking corned beef fried rice. That was something new to me. I’ve never thought about using corned beef in fried rice. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try and searched for recipes online. The first recipe I found listed beansprouts as one of the ingredients and so I stopped reading. I did not bother to look any more recipes after that but I kept turning over in my head what I could add to the fried rice. In the end, my version of fried rice contained corned beef, egg, shallots, garlic, brown button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. I thought the end result looked a little boring as the fried rice was just different shades of brown but the family said it was nice. I guess food doesn’t have to look good as long as it tasted good.


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