Dinner at Soup Restaurant and dessert at Swensen’s

Bell just returned from Taiwan recently and helped me buy a box of milk suncakes. She refused to accept payment for them and said that it was a treat from her. That’s nice of her. I suggested treating her to dessert but she insisted on paying for her own share. So I got the milk suncakes for free, yeah!

Samsui ginger chicken

We went for dinner at Soup Restaurant. We ordered a plate of samsui ginger chicken which was their specialty. Bell and I liked it so much that it was a must-order-dish whenever we ate at Soup Restaurant. The chicken was poached until tender and juicy and then deboned. But the best part of the dish was the saucer of grated ginger that came with the meat. It had a mellow ginger flavor without the bite of spiciness from raw ginger. It was a good thing there was so much ginger that we could have a generous helping with every slice of chicken. Although we would glad pay for a second helping.

The chicken was served with a bowl of cold lettuce leaves. You are supposed to wrap the chicken and ginger in the lettuce leaves and eat them together. But Bell and I referred to eat the chicken and ginger with a bowl of rice. It tasted good this way too. Between the two of us, we had three bowls of rice.

Poached baby spinach with conpoy in century and salted egg stock

We also ordered the poached baby spinach with conpoy in century and salted egg stock. Despite having salted eggs in the stock, it was just mildly salty. I ate a lot from this dish and it was not bad but not fantastic. Next time, I must remember to get Bell to try the potato leaves which was one of their well-known dishes.

Banana split

After dinner, we went to Swensen’s for dessert. Bell had the banana split. I like bananas and won’t mind the banana split but I dislike strawberry ice-cream.

MIlo indulgence

So I looked through the menu and saw a few old favorites. In the end, I decided to try something new and ordered the milo indulgence. Apart from the topping of milo powder, it was hard to tell it apart from just chocolate ice-cream. Even though it was supposed to be milo ice-cream, it just tasted like normal chocolate ice-cream to me.


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