KFC zinger double down

KFC zinger double down

Blue Avatar, Bluey, Mao Mao and I went to KFC to try their zinger double down burger which was launched in relation to The Avengers movie.

KFC zinger double down

The burger was made up of two zinger fillets, turkey bacon, cheese and mayonnaise. There were no buns in this burger which I thought was rather weird. I quite enjoyed it even though it was unlikely that I would eat it again. The zinger fillets were crispy and the chicken meat was tender and juicy. However I did not like the turkey bacon which I felt added nothing to the burger. The cheese was rather bland but at least it served the purpose of holding the fillets together. The burger was rather salty and even Mao Mao, who loved all kinds of salty food, felt that it was too salty for her. I think next time I would just stick to the normal zinger burger.


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