Morning at Woodlands

Morning at Woodlands

My block is having upgrading works on the bathroom and toilet and the start date for each apartment is staggered. The upgrading works will take around two weeks to complete. During this time, the water supply for the apartment will be cut off. Portable metal bathrooms and toilets are placed at the void deck for those affected residents but the lack of water is still rather inconvenient.

My uncle from mother’s side of the family heard about it and kindly offered to let me stay at his flat in Woodlands. So for two weeks, I will be staying in the northern part of Singapore. I traveled to this part of Singapore so rarely that it almost felt like I was going away on a holiday. Well, the kind of  holiday where I need to wake up at 5:30am to go to work.

I brought my clothes to his flat during the weekend. As I sat at the dining table, my uncle’s wife told me, “Treat this as your own home.” Then she walked into the kitchen to make tea. Minutes later, my uncle walked by and said, “Treat this as your own home.” After a while, his wife came out of the kitchen and said “We cook everyday so come home for dinner” before walking back into the kitchen. A few minutes later, my uncle would walk pass again and said, “You can come home for dinner. We cook everyday.”

This happened many times. One would say something like, “Is there any dishes that you would like to eat?” and then minutes later, the other person would walk pass and repeat the same thing again even though he did not hear what the first person said. I was in a mixture of amusement and amazement and wondered if they had prepared a list of things to say to me beforehand. Finally my third cousin could not stand the repeated conversations and said “You all are so long-winded!”


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