Soup, salad and sandwich from Cedele

I wanted to try the mushroom sandwich at Cedele but it kept getting sold out. Today was the second time it happened. Maybe third time lucky?

Chicken, tofu and mushroom chowder

I ordered the soup+sandwich set ($10). I chose a chicken, tofu and mushroom chowder for my soup. The soup was thick and filling. There were lots of shredded chicken meat in the soup. There were also carrots, mushrooms and fried diced tofu.

Vegetables sandwich with golden pumpkin bread

Since I could not have a mushroom sandwich, I ordered the vegetables sandwich instead. I chose the golden pumpkin bread for the sandwich. The bread was a lovely yellow color and there were pumpkin seeds mixed into the dough. The vegetables sandwich consisted of pumpkin, eggplant, capsicums, mushrooms and onions. The vegetables were cooked until soft. The sandwich was quite nice but I thought it could do with a bit more salt.

Forbidden rice, millet and mushroom salad

Before I left, I bought a pre-packed salad, thinking that I would eat it for a snack later on. I bought the forbidden rice, millet and mushroom salad, partly making my choice based on the name. Forbidden rice! Is it from the Forbidden City? While not as exotic-sounding as forbidden rice, millet also sounded interesting to me. I had not eaten millet before so I wanted to try and see what it tasted like.

I became a fan on the first bite. The salad was savory and flavorful. As I ate it, I thought there was no need for any dressing; it was already pretty good on its own. But I decided to add the complimentary caesar dressing to see whether it goes with the salad. To my delight, the dressing seemed to add another layer of flavor to the salad. The salad was made up of mostly dry ingredients – rice, millet, baby corn, fried tofu, tomatoes and spring onions, so the dressing added a little moisture and creaminess to it. I concluded that millet is really quite tasty.

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