KFC a.m. Twister original version

I went for my dental check-up in the morning. I’m terrified of dentists. All my memories of them seemed to be connected with some degree of pain. So I was immensely relieved when my dentist told me that my gums looks pretty healthy and there was no need to take out my other wisdom teeth. But she warned me that I will still need to take them out eventually. Whatever. I shall focus on the present and consider this a small victory.

KFC a.m. Twister

With my celebratory mood, I decided to stop at a KFC outlet on my way home and buy the a.m. Twister. The outlet near my home seemed to sell breakfast only on weekend mornings so this felt like an extra special treat.

KFC a.m. Twister original version

I bought the original version which contained scrambled egg, chicken nuggets, diced tomatoes, cheese and mayonnaise wrapped in a tortilla wrap. I liked this much better than the American version which contained scrambled egg, bacon, hash brown and cheese sauce. Like all fast food scrambled eggs, the egg was spongy and bland. But that’s the worst of it; the rest of the ingredients were pretty nice. The chicken was coated in the seasoning used for KFC original chicken, the tomatoes added a bit tangy flavor and the creamy mayonnaise tied it all together. I hardly noticed the cheese but presumably it was mixed in there somewhere.


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