New phone – Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note today. I was debating between the Note and the SIII which was launched recently. In the end, I went for the note because it was slight bigger (size matters!) and for the stylus. I thought it would be useful for sketching and doodling on the phone. I hate drawing with my finger.

The shop I went to only had black and white colors for the phone so I chose the black version. (Actually the official name for the color was dark blue, but it looked black enough for me.) But even if they had the latest pink version, I doubt I would get it. Hot pink is just not me.

I didn’t want to put the phone into a case so I got a screen protector instead. The staff asked me if I wanted the clear or matte screen protector. Then he seemed to recalled something and told me that there was a third type of screen protector. He called it the “diamond dust” screen protector. He said it was very suitable for my phone because the glitter would show up well on the dark background. So I got it. It sparkled when I held it up to the light but when the screen was turned on, the sparkles faded away.

I’m pretty pleased with my new mobile phone. It was better than my old HTC Wildfire, which was just an entry-level phone two years ago.


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