Growing oyster mushrooms

Mushroom growing kit

Mao Mao managed to get her hands on some mushroom growing kits with the help of her friend. She passed me one of them about ten days ago and told me that it would grow oyster mushrooms.

“How come not shiitake mushrooms? I preferred shiitake mushrooms,” I said, causing Mao Mao to glare at me. Since she showed signs of taking the kit back, I quickly accepted it and asked her how much it cost. I loved all kinds of mushrooms so no big issue even if I didn’t get to harvest shiitake mushrooms.

“No need to pay me. Now you just owe me a lifetime of massages,” Mao Mao replied.

Flea looked rather troubled when she heard about Mao Mao’s demand. “I think she is trying to milk you for all you’re worth,” Flea said.

In the end, after much effort from me, Mao Mao finally revealed that the kit cost $10. Geez. And she wants to trade $10 for lifetime of massages? Speechless. Anyway, thanks Mao Mao’s friend for helping to get the mushroom growing kits! But it’s a pity that your friend Mao Mao is using them with nefarious motives.


I placed the kit in a corner of the kitchen where it would be dark and undisturbed. When Mao Mao passed me the kit, there was already a white cotton-like stuff growing inside. It’s the mycelia. From there, mushrooms would sprout but it took a really long time. I kept checking everyday and fretted over it like a mother over her newborn child. Was the temperature too warm? Was the humidity high enough?

Finally on the 8th day, I spotted a small white lump of newly sprouted mushroom when I checked the kit in the morning. I didn’t have time to take a photo of it before I left for work.

Young oyster mushrooms

When I returned home in the evening, it had already grown out of the bag! That’s really fast!

Oyster mushrooms

By the next morning, it had grown to this size. When I sniffed at them, I could smell the familiar fungi scent of mushrooms. Since the mushrooms appeared, I had been spraying water on it 2 – 3 times a day. The mushrooms in the photo above looked shiny because I just sprayed some water on them.

Oyster mushrooms

The next day (the third day after the mushrooms sprouted), they were big enough to be harvested.

Oyster mushrooms

Mother cooked them with some chicken meat for dinner. I’m not sure if it was my own imagination but the mushrooms seemed to taste slightly sweeter and juicier than supermarket-bought ones.


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