LADY – Saigo no Hanzai Profile

Image from DramaWiki

LADY was about the newly-formed Crime Profiling Support unit (CPS) within the Metropolitan Police Department. The unit was headed by Yuki Akira (played by Kimura Tae), a psychologist. She handpicked the other three members to form the unit:

  • Kazuki Shoko (played by Kitagawa Keiko and the lead character), a profiler trained by FBI
  • Terada Takehiko (played by Kaname Jun), a pathologist
  • Shinbori Keisuke (played by Hiraoke Yuta), an expert at statistics and data

The team members were young but already experts in their field of expertise. As a result, they firmly believed in their own findings and refused to backed down when there were differences in their opinions. In the beginning, it was difficult for the young ones to work together without quarreling with each other. Soon they realized that their skills complemented each other and relations started to get better.

Not only do they have to deal with internal problems, the team also faced many difficulties because the police force do not think highly of this unit and remained skeptical of these newfangled profiling methods. Due to their frustration at being ignored, the young members often spoke out of line and as a result Akira was reprimanded by the superiors. However the team refused to give up and with each successful case, they slowly changed the opinions of the police.

Right from the beginning, it was obvious that Shoko was the lead and therefore her deductions were always correct. She was the one who provided the final or vital clue that solved the case. As a result,  much of the limelight was on Shoko, often at the expense of the other team members. The viewers often do not get to see the brilliance of the other members and much of what they do were to support Shoko. The team leader, Akira, was especially passive, sometimes even coming across as weak. It was lucky that Shoko was pretty entertaining and she has a youthful arrogance which was quite endearing.

The first few cases were quite good. They dealt with serial killers and the storyline felt rather dark and violent (but not as bad as Criminal Minds). As Shoko surveyed the crime scene, she would play back the events in her head and then start to mimic the killer, slashing angrily as the killer had done. The image felt a little scary but it made a strong impact. Even though each case had a sad backstory, there was some satisfaction in apprehending the murderer. However, the cases in the middle were quite ordinary and much less interesting. Luckily the cases at the end did get better although I felt that it did not reach the same quality as the cases in the beginning. There were some scenes which I felt were overdoing it, as if the writers were trying too hard to create suspense and tension so that they could go out with a bang.

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