Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Pooh Bear and I visited Max Brenner Chocolate Bar to get our chocolate fix. Both of us had not been to Max Brenner for some time. I noticed that there were changes to the menu since the last time I visited.

We had a chocolate truffle velvet cake. Fancy name, but actually it was a chocolate cake which had a gooey semi-molten center that is all the rage these days. The cake came with a vanilla bourbon ice-cream, a chocolate shake, a strawberry and a metal tumbler. Pooh Bear claimed the ice-cream had a faint alcoholic taste but I couldn’t taste the alcohol at all. The little metal tumbler contained liquid chocolate but sadly it wasn’t filled to the brim. We poured some onto the ice-cream and then I drank the rest. It felt like I was drinking from Willy Wonka’s underground chocolate river.

We also ordered a peanut butter crepe. The crepe came with slices of banana covered in caramel, chunks of dark chocolate and spicy peanuts. On the side were four strawberries, a dish of mini chocolate balls, a scoop of dulce le leche ice-cream and a small flask of liquid chocolate. I felt that there were too much peanut butter. There were peanut butter on top and inside the crepe. Because of all the peanut butter, eating it felt like having our mouths glued shut. There were so much peanut butter that it overpowered the taste of the bananas, dark chocolate and peanuts.

After eating these two rather filling desserts, it was time to meet Mao Mao and her husband for dinner.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-116 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65-62784218


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