Menya Musashi

After dinner, we went for a walk. We walked to Bugis and visited Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma). After an hour or so, we walked back towards Cityhall. When we passed by Saveur around half past eight we noticed that there was still a queue in front of the restaurant. After browsing through the shops at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Mao Mao’s husband suggested trying the ramen at Menya Musashi. I was game for it but Mao Mao looked horrified.

“You all still can eat?!” she exclaimed.

“Can lah,” I said. “There’s three of us. Surely we can finish one bowl of ramen.”

Mao Mao still looked horrified. “I will go with you all but I’m too full to eat anything,” she said skeptically. This coming from a person who was well-known for consuming one and a half Carl’s Junior burgers and still went for dessert afterwards. Sometimes Mao Mao really underestimated herself.

So we ended in Menya Musashi. Menya Musashi had a simple menu. Basically there were three types of soup and we could choose to either have the ramen in the soup or in dipping form.

White kakuni ramen

We had the white kakuni ramen which came with rectangular slices of pork. The soup was slightly sweet from all the goodness of the bones that were boiled to make the soup. The soup used in this restaurant was a thicker and denser broth than the soup used in other ramen restaurants. The pork slices were not bad but we felt the char siew was more flavorful.

Black tsukemen ramen

We also tried the tsukemen (dipping style) ramen which the restaurant was famous for. For tsukemen, we could choose the serving size of the ramen when placing our order. Apparently we could have up to five times the regular portion of ramen but it all had to be consumed by one person and was not meant to be shared with other people. We just had the regular serving which we felt was filling enough for one person.

This time we chose the black soup and char siew slices. The black broth was just as thick as the white broth but it was saltier and more fragrant. I tried dipping the noodles in the soup like the way I ate cold soba but strands of noodles kept sliding off my chopsticks. Maybe I just have very bad chopstick skills. In the end, I just grab some noodles and let them soak for a few seconds in the soup before fishing them out with my spoon. It was a pretty fun way to eat ramen but I think next time I would just get noodles in the soup. Less tiring.

As for Mao Mao? Yup, she ate as much as the rest of us.

Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road, #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Tel: +65-63366500

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