Bought lots of clothes from Uniqlo

Recently I saw that Uniqlo had a range of Coca Cola t-shirts. I’m a fan of Coca Cola so I wanted to get one or two t-shirts. There were a few designs that I liked and it was hard to choose between them. So one day, I asked Bell to accompany me to Uniqlo so she could give me her opinion. We headed straight to the men section to look at the t-shirts. Luckily they were men sizes as women sizes were smaller. Even women size L might be too small for me.

Uniqlo Coca Cola t-shirts

We narrowed it down to three t-shirts; one red, one gray and one black. At Bell’s urging, I decided to try out the men’s size M and L. I also picked up a pair of berms on the way to the changing room. After trying on all three t-shirts, Bell felt that the black one suited me best, followed by the red. So I held on to those and the berms.

Then we wondered around the store as it was Bell’s turn to look at clothes. I decided to get a basket as we were picking up a lot of clothes along the way. Then Bell went to try on the clothing while it was my turn to sit quietly outside the changing room and give my opinion on the pieces.

Uniqlo Metal Gear Solid t-shirt

Before we paid for our clothes, I added a Metal Gear Solid t-shirt and a polo t-shirt to my pile of clothes. Since I was holding on to the Coca Cola t-shirts, Bell used them as a template to measure the size of the t-shirts so that I do not have to keep going to the changing room. So clever!

I was a bit shocked when I saw that the total cost of the clothes was $111.50. Wow! I think this must be the first time I spent so much on clothes at one go.

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