Bell and I went to Bakerzin for dessert as Marutama Ra-Men only had two kinds of dessert and none of them looked interesting.

Sweet pleasure cake

We had a slice of cake called sweet pleasure. It was a lovely cake with layers of chocolate sheets and hazelnut cream sitting on top of a crunchy, crispy bottom. Bell and I liked this cake a lot but none of us cared for the nut on top. When it was time for us to divide up the cake, I conveniently pushed the nut over to Bell’s half. Ho ho ho!

Baileys irish cream souffle

We also ordered one of the dessert dishes. We had a lovely dessert the previous time we visited the restaurant so we wanted to try another dessert. We ordered the Baileys Irish cream souffle which can with a cup of vanilla-expresso sauce. The souffle was very soft and light. I was surprised to find it more like foam than cake. Bell felt that it tasted rather bitter and even the sauce did not help much.

101 Thomson Road, #01-07/60 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel:  +65-62515550

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