Marutama Ra-Men

Bell and I went for dinner at Marutama Ra-Men. I ate at Marutama Ra-Men when it first opened at Clarke Quay. At that time, the menu selection was small and there were only ramen and some side dishes. I remembered that the chicken-based soup what quite light and tasty. But I’m not a ramen fan so I was glad to learn that Marutama Ra-Men had expanded their menu to include some rice dishes.

Pork katsu curry

I ordered the katsu curry rice ($15) which came in flavors of chicken or pork. I had pork. The meat was lean and tender with a crispy outer layer. The curry was thick and had a texture of something like grated vegetables. The sauce tasted a little tangy and was quite nice.

Beef steak don

Bell ordered a beef steak don ($16) which came with potato salad and a side dish of mushrooms. Bell had eaten this dish a few times. It must be quite nice for her to keep ordering it again and again.

Yaki char siu

We shared a dish of yaki char siu ($6). There were only four slices of char siu on the plate and I thought it looked really little. But one bite was enough to tell me that this was not the same type of char siu that came in ramen bowls. It was grilled so there was a char along the edges which gave it a smoky flavor. The meat was tender while the fats melted away easily.

Marutama Ra-Men
101 Thomson Road, #B1-07/08 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel: +65-63526369

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