Nantsuttei Singapore

Nantsuttei Singapore

The first time I visited Nantsuttei Singapore was at least a year ago. As I walked into the restaurant, the delicious savory fragrance hit my nose and I declared impulsively, “Oh, I will enjoy this ramen.” A second later, I recalled that I am not a fan of ramen so I played it safe by mumbling, “Well, I think so.” In the end, I did enjoy the ramen and planned to return again. But time flew by so fast that I didn’t make my second visit until today.

Recently I find myself thinking about it, especially after eating some ramen which reminded me of Nantsuttei. So I make time to drop by for a visit. I arrive after the lunch hour so the restaurant is quite empty. The restaurant used to have a page in the menu teaching customers how to enjoy the ramen but on this visit, I can’t find it anymore. At least the website still has the instructions.

Maru-toku negi chashu ramen

I choose the Maru-toku Negi Chashu-men ($17.00 before taxes) which has all the ingredients I like, shredded spring onions, chopped spring onions and chashu. The ramen has a layer of roasted garlic oil poured over the top so it has a dark, brownish, almost black color. But the garlic taste is very mild, more like an aftertaste rather one that dominates the dish. It tasted more of savory flavors. There is a slight nuttiness which reminds me of sesame oil.

Eating it for the second time, I still find this ramen tasty and before I know it, the noodles are almost gone. I even drank up all the soup.

Nantsuttei Singapore
9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-06 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65-63377166


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