Tampopo Restaurant

Extra thick pork loin set

Keropi, Mao Mao, Pooh Bear, Si Hamil, Spider, Redhead and I met for dinner at Tampopo Restaurant. I had been to this restaurant twice and found the booth seats really uncomfortable. I was glad to see that the restaurant had renovated its interior and now all the seating were made up of proper tables and chairs.

We ordered a main course each. I ordered the extra thick pork katsu set as my main course. It came with rice, salad, soup and watermelon.

The thick pork katsu was about twice as thick as the normal katsu. It was slightly pinkish and looked good. It was nice to get a mouthful of meat with each bite. However because the pork was lean and thick, it was a little tough. Another problem with the thick pork katsu was that the outer layer of breadcrumbs separated easily from the meat, as you can see in the photo. Although the katsu was still good, it did not turn out as fantastic as I hoped.

Miso soup

However, the miso soup was a pleasant surprise. Usually miso soup in Japanese restaurants were a simple bowl of soup, tofu and seaweed. So I was surprised when I took the cover off and found a bowl filled with lots of thinly sliced pork.


Besides our own main courses, we also ordered some sides to share. We had a maki which was quite nice despite all the pickles and veggies. It tasted slightly sweet.


Of course since we were at a Japanese restaurant, we had to order sashimi. We had three orders of salmon, two orders of hamachi and one order of mekajiki. The waitress placed the bowl in front of Mao Mao and Pooh Bear thought it was Mao Mao’s main course. “Is that all you are having?” Pooh Bear asked. All of us burst into laughter because it was a really big bowl.


By contrast, Mao Mao’s real main course looked tiny. The seafood was fresh and Mao Mao enjoyed her dinner very much.


For dessert, we had a strawberry shortcake which was soft and fluffy. The cream was light and not greasy. Although it was quite nice, it was just a nice cake and I did not feel that it was memorable.

Milk tea pudding

We also ordered a milk pudding but the waitress came back and said the milk pudding was sold out. So we had a milk tea pudding. I liked it. It was sweet but not too sweet and had a light tea flavor.

Green tea mochi

Lastly, we had a green tea mochi which was unlike other mochi that I had. I was expecting something chewy but this mochi was so soft that it seem to melt away after one or two chews.

Tampopo Restaurant
177 River Valley Road, #01-23/24 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
Tel: +65-63383186

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