Mad for Garlic

AC, Redhead and I had dinner at Mad for Garlic. When the food came, AC and I took out our cameras. Me with my old trusty Fujifilm Finepix and AC with her new iPad. Redhead felt a little embarrassed and said that everybody will know that we are Singaporeans. I guess the unspoken meaning is that only Singaporeans take photos of food?

Garlic bread tower

We had the garlic bread tower which tasted better than the last time. Although I think it could do with some more salt and perhaps some butter as well.

Caesar salad

I didn’t really like the caesar salad although it was more because of the presentation than the taste. The big leafy greens were just piled on the plate, then croutons and cheese were sprinkled on top and finally the creamy salad dressing was drizzled over it. As a result, some parts of the salad did not get the sauce while other parts were swimming in it. It was difficult for us to mix the salad because the greens were big and uncut; each leaf was almost half the size of the plate. A plate is also not really recommended to use for mixing a salad because things just keep falling off it. So we just ate it as it is.

Garlic snowing pizza

We had the garlic snowing pizza which I liked. It was sweet and savory with lots of crispy garlic slices. The only problem was that the crust was so soft that it flopped downwards and dropped the toppings when you tried to lift it up.

Garlic hug steak

We also ordered a garlic hug steak. It came on a hot plate with onions and mushrooms. The beef was hidden under all the garlic. This dish had a lot of garlic in it; there were garlic cloves, garlic slices and garlic puree. The meat was good and I rather enjoyed it in the beginning. But towards to end, I felt that there were too much garlic in this dish. It might have worked if we did not already ordered other dishes with tons of garlic in them.

Mad for Garlic
Block 3B, River Valley Rd, #01-16, The Foundry. Singapore 179021
Tel: +65-6331507

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