Bruce Cafe

All the photos in this post were taken by Pooh Bear.

Pooh Bear, Spider and I went to Bruce Cafe at the NUS University Town for lunch. We were unable to find a lot at the small underground carpark so in the end we had to park outdoors.

Bruce Cafe is a Hong Kong theme eatery which serves a mixture of chinese and western dishes. We shared a luncheon meat with egg sandwich. In addition to the luncheon meat and egg, there were also lettuce and mayonnaise. It tasted quite nice but then, anything with luncheon meat always taste nice to me.

We also had a braised pork with rice cooked in a stone bowl. Before eating, we mixed up the contents of the bowl so that the sauce was distributed evenly over the rice. It was quite nice as the pork used had layers of fat between the meat. There were also cabbage mixed in so it wasn’t an all-meat dish.

We shared a baked pasta with chicken in cream sauce. This dish tasted so-so and the sauce was rather bland.

For dessert, we had a salted egg custard bun each. This was not bad and the salted egg balanced out the sweetness.

Bruce Cafe
1 Create Way #01-12, University Town @ NUS, Singapore 138620
Tel: +65-66597620

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