Ramen Champion at Changi Airport

Pagers from Ramen Champion

Spider and I went to Changi Airport to eat at Ramen Champion. The concept was similar to Marche where each customer was given a card to record their orders. There were different stalls representing different types of ramen. After you placed an order at one of the stalls, you would be given a pager to tell you when your order is ready for collection.

Cha Shu Men from Gantetsu

I ordered the Cha Shu Men ($15) from Gantetsu. The soup was miso based and it was a thick, rich soup. The meat was thinly sliced which was unlike the photo shown in the menu. I preferred my cha shu to be a little thicker than the paper thin slices in this bowl but taste-wise, it was pretty okay. I kept thinking that my bowl of ramen looked like a face.

Nitamago Riki Ramen from Riki

Spider ordered the Nitamago Riki Ramen with the shoyu soup base ($13). The soup was thick and had a garlicky and porky taste and the noodles were thick and flat. We felt this soup had more flavor but it was so rich that perhaps one shouldn’t drink up all the soup. We spotted lots of tiny bits of pork fat floating in the soup.

Beansprouts from Nitamago Riki Ramen

Spider forgot to request for no beansprouts so we fished out all the beansprout so that I, the beansprout-hater, could try some of her ramen. I was a bit horrified to discover that there were so many beansprouts in her ramen that it filled up a small bowl.

The ramen were very filling and both of us had no room for anything else after that.

Ramen Champion
65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-58 Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819663
Tel: +65-62142958

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