The Rotisserie

Blue Avatar, Mao Mao and I had dinner at The Rotisserie. We went to the outlet at Rochester as Mao Mao read that it was nicer.

Chicken schnitzel burger

The Rotisserie is famous for their roast chicken but lazy me did not feel like battling with the bones so I had a chicken schnitzel burger instead. The burger was quite nice but like Mao Mao said, it just tasted like a good fried chicken burger. There was nothing that made it stand out from the crowd.

Each main course comes with a choice of either fries, hot vegetables and salad. You can only choose one of the three and you are not allowed to mix and match. So if you choose the fries, you will have a mountain of fries. If you choose the hot vegetables, you will have three types which, as far as I could tell, includes mashed potatoes, corn and peas. If you choose salad, you can choose two out of the five salads available. I chose salad because they looked the most interesting.

Potato, egg and bacon salad

I had the potato with bacon and egg. It was creamy but not too rich. The salad consisted mostly of potatoes and they were firm and yet fluffy. Even though we could see bits of egg mixed in, we could not really taste it. There was also little bacon. But all said and done, this salad is pretty tasty and I would not mind eating this again.

Pasta with garlic aioli salad

I also chose the pasta with garlic aioli. The aioli coated the pasta evenly and there was a nice garlic flavor to it. The celery was a bit raw but I ate it without complaints because the aioli made the green celery taste acceptable.

Quarter chicken with two salads

Mao Mao had a quarter roast chicken. It came with a generic brown sauce. Mao Mao asked to put the sauce on the side instead of pouring it over the chicken. It’s a good call because this way, the skin remained crispy. I was surprised to find the roast chicken tasted really delicious. Even the breast meat was tender and moist. It made me regret ordering the burger. I would encourage everyone to skip the brown sauce which was pretty normal and did nothing to enhance the flavor of the chicken. In fact, I felt it muted the natural favors of the meat and turned the skin soggy. Even though there were plenty of other bottled sauces on the side counter (like mustard, BBQ, worcestershire), I felt the chicken was so flavorful that it did not really need any sauce to accompany it.

Rocket with pumpkin salad

Mao Mao asked for the rocket with pumpkin salad . There wasn’t a lot of pumpkin which was perhaps just as well because Mao Mao dislike sweet food. The salad came with a choice of two dressings. She chose garlic vinegar which was fragrant, a little tangy and garlicky. I thought it went really well with the rocket.

Quinoa, lentils and nuts salad

I did not really like the quinoa, lentils and nuts salad. The quinoa were bland but perhaps that was what quinoa tasted like. The salad also had a slight bitter tinge that tasted like Chinese medicine. But I thought visually the quinoa looked rather cute, as if they had baby little worms. “Thanks,” Mao Mao replied dryly when I told her.

The food served here are not fancy but the sides are generous. What I like best is that I could taste the freshness of the ingredients. We went at the end of the day but the food tasted like they were freshly prepared and not leftover from lunch.

The Rotisserie
35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall @ Buona Vista, #01-06/07, Singapore 138639
Tel: +65-65701448


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