“Oh, they had changed the menu,” I said as we sat down in Bakerzin. I quickly glanced through the menu and saw that some dishes had gone missing while some were new.

Braised pork belly rice

Both of us ordered the braised pork belly rice ($15.50) which Bell’s colleague said was nice. I never thought that I would be eating Chinese food at Bakerzin but this dish was really quite nice. It came looking very black and we were afraid that it would be rather salty. But surprisingly, there was a sweetish tinge to the black sauce. The pork was tender and the sauce made everything tasty. The pork was accompanied by Japanese rice and an egg with a soft yolk. There was also a bowl of soup which was quite light in taste. Bell liked it but for me it felt a little bland.

Bratwurst sausages with sauteed potatoes and mushrooms

We also ordered bratwurst sausages with sauteed potatoes and mushrooms ($11.50). This was under “Small Bites” with the other appetizers but we felt that the portion was actually enough for one person. The sausages were juicy. I liked the potatoes and mushrooms which were fragrant and savory.

Warm chocolate cake

For dessert, we shared the warm chocolate cake ($11.50) which came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The cake had a lovely chocolatey molten center. The cake was quite hot so the ice-cream melted really fast. Maybe it might be better if the ice-cream was placed at the side instead of the top of the cake.

101 Thomson Road, #01-07/60 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel:  +65-62515550

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