Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

Sayang and I went to Chef Daniel’s Kitchen for dinner. There was still very little customers in the restaurant and I recognized the captain but some of the waiters were not familiar. The service was still good and the staff were friendly and polite.

Pan-fried foie gras

We shared a pan-fried foie gras ($18) which felt very similar to the rice dumpling set I had the last time. The ingredients were the same except this time, the rice was placed below the foie gras. The foie gras had a crispy char and Sayang thought it went well with the rice.

Chef Daniel's pepper steak

We ordered Chef Daniel’s pepper steak ($40) which won some culinary award. It was charbroiled tenderloin with a black crust on the top (didn’t check the bottom) but the inside was blushing pink. The meat was tender and juicy.

Pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables

The steak came with three sides: roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and pepper sauce. The sauce was peppery but not overwhelming. It goes well with the steak. I liked the mashed potatoes best; it was smooth and buttery.

Braised somen with seafood

Lastly, we had the braised somen with seafood ($18) which came with scallop prawn and fish. Sayang and I did not like this. We felt rather puzzled that the somen tasted like mee sua (面线). Sayang had just eaten somen in Japan so she was quite sure that this is not what somen taste like.

Chef Daniel’s Kitchen
201 Victoria Street, #07-02/03 Iluma @ Bugis, Singapore 188067
Tel: +65-65099888

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