Polar cooks dinner

My parents are on holiday so I decided to make use of the opportunity to cook something in the kitchen.

Chicken meatballs

I bought about 600g of minced chicken which I intended to make into meatballs. I diced a carrot, half a radish, onions and garlic and sauteed the vegetables. As the vegetables cooked, I thought, “Hey! This smells like soon kway (笋粿)!” Since I don’t really like soon kway, I hoped that it won’t taste like one.

Once the vegetables had soften enough, I put them into a bowl with minced chicken, egg yolk, firm tofu, pepper, paprika, oyster sauce and sesame oil and mixed everything together. Then I formed them into large balls about the size of my palm. I seared the outside of the meatballs first. Because they were rather big, I gave them a few minutes in the oven to make sure that the inside was thoroughly cooked. My meatballs didn’t turn out round but were in strange irregular shapes.

Then I poured some chinese cooking wine and balsamic vinegar into the frying pan I used to cooked the meatballs. After thinking for a few seconds, I added a spoon of honey to even out the sourness of the vinegar. I heated the mixture until it had reduced into a thick sauce and poured it over the meatballs. My estimate for food portions was always quite off so there was too little sauce in the end. Luckily the meatballs were swimming in their own meat juices so I just mixed the sauce into the liquid.

I stir-fry some mushrooms with butter, salt and paprika. Then I mixed an equal amount of rice and millet and cooked them in the rice cooker with chicken stock and some leftover diced garlic.

Vegetable soup

I also made soup with the other half of the radish, carrot, cauliflower and onions. I used about half chicken stock and half water and boiled it until the vegetables were soft. The soup tasted sweet, salty and peppery. I like cauliflower in soups but my mother doesn’t make them anymore.

My dinner

I thought dinner was quite tasty. The millet felt starchier than rice, more wheat like. There was a faint taste of chicken rice flavor. I quite like how the meatballs turned out even though they were not in nice, round shapes. The meatballs felt like solid, hearty food for the working people.

There were plenty of meatballs left. I think I will bring eat some more meatballs tomorrow and bring the rest to office since Mao Mao kept telling me to make some for her to try.


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