Day trip to Macau

Today was our day trip to Macau. We had visited Macau a few years ago. I wasn’t impressed then but after our trip, we heard that a colleague spent two weeks in Macau and enjoyed himself tremendously. It turned out that there were three other parts of Macau that we did not visit: Taipa, Cotai and Coloane. We visited only Macau while the colleague visited mainly Coloane. So today we were going to attempt to visit the parts of Macau that we did not go to on the previous trip.

I drank a packet of malt soy milk as breakfast and then it was time to leave. We went to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal at Sheung Wan. I guess we were subconsciously not really that interested in visiting Macau because we did very little research on Macau and how to get there. When we reached the ferry terminal, we looked around and wondered where to buy our ferry tickets. A woman from a travel agency saw us and approached us. When she heard that we were going to Macau, she sold us a couple of one-way tickets to the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal. Then we hurried to the boarding area as the next ferry was leaving soon.

The ferry we took belonged to the Cotai Jet which was the only ferry company to operate this route. The rest of the ferry operators go to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal located on the Macau Peninsula. We were seated in the air-conditioned area of the ferry. Our seats were cushioned and really quite comfortable. The journey took 60 – 70 mins and we slept most of the way. The reason that we did not sleep all the way to Macau was because we kept being woken up by the loud voices of a large group of mainland tourists. They seemed very excited and chatted away loudly throughout the whole journey.

Outside the ferry terminal was some free shuttle buses to the casinos. We hopped onto the bus going to The Venetian Macao which should bring us closer to civilization. I heard that The Venetian Macao was very grand so I was also interested to take a look. The bus dropped us at the lobby.

Golden fountain at The Venetian Macao

There was a golden fountain in the lobby and many people crowded around it taking photos. I guess it was one of the first sights of the casino’s interior so everyone wanted to take a photo of it. Stepping nearer, I could see some coins lying in the water. It seems that wherever there is a fountain, someone will treat it as a wishing well.

Painting ceiling in The Venetian Macao

The interior of the casino is very grand, with painted ceilings, marble floors and many decorations painted in gold color. We went down a corridor and reached the casino. We watched the other people gambling and looked at some of the more high-tech setups for the games. We left after a while as we were not interested in gambling.

Shoppes Grand Canal at The Venetian Macao

We made our way to the shopping area on the third floor. It was not very obvious how to get there as the escalator leading to it was tucked away in a corner. The third floor shopping area was built to look like Venice and visitors could take a ride on a gondola in the man-made canal for a fee. The canal was bigger and more impressive-looking than the one at Marina Bay Sands. Redhead told us that the ceiling would change color according to the time of the day.

Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow's

I dragged Sayang to the Lord Stow’s Bakery & Cafe because I wanted to eat Portuguese egg tarts. We wanted to buy two each but at the cashier, Sayang decided to buy six egg tarts so that they would be in a box. The cafe was crowded so we had to wait for a while to get a table. Then we slowly ate three egg tarts each. We did not want to carry them around and they were not as nice when cold. “We haven’t had lunch yet right? This can be our lunch,” Sayang said brightly.

The egg tarts were flaky with a creamy, eggy center. They were nice but eating three egg tarts at one go was too much for me.

We decided to get out of the casino and go to Coloane where we heard had a nice beach. We managed to find our way out but the casino was so big that we had to walk for a long time just to get to the end of the block the casino occupied. We had no Macau money and no idea what bus to take to Coloane so we decided to find an information counter. There was one marked out on the map Sayang took when we disembarked at the ferry terminal.

Rua do Cunha

Using a combination of the paper map and the map on my mobile phone, we managed to figure which direction we should walk towards. We met very few people until we reached Rua do Cunha which was a shopping street. There were restaurants and shops lining the street. There was a sign for the information counter pointing down the street but when we reached the end, we still could not it. Thinking that we must have missed it, we walked back and down the street again. We were unable to find the information counter, so we decided to go for a late lunch instead. Three egg tarts were not really that filling.

Dumbo Restaurante

We decide to eat at 小飛象葡國餐 (Dumbo Restaurante). Since we were in Macau, I wanted to try Portuguese food. It was 3pm so the restaurant was empty except for a couple of occupied tables. Perhaps because there weren’t a lot of customers needing his attention, the waiter had the time to patiently answer our questions and make recommendations on what Portuguese dishes we should try.

Macau Beer

We shared a bottle of Macau beer which was nice and light. It went really well with some of the savory dishes that we ordered.

Potato soup

The potato soup was somewhat starchy and grainy like mashed potato but not as thick as cream soups. It tasted light, salty and filling. The soup was pleasant to drink but some people will find it rather unexciting. We also ordered garlic bread which was just bread with garlic butter, nothing special.

Fried codfish cakes

I really liked the fried codfish cakes which was one of the dishes recommended by our waiter. Unlike Asian fishcakes where the fish meat was all mashed up into a paste, the codfish cakes here still had the flakiness of fish meat. The crisp thin exterior contrasted nicely with the soft flaky cod meat inside. A normal order usually consisted of 12 codfish cakes but seeing that there were only two of us, the waiter said that he would tell the chef to half the order.

Chorizo sausage

I felt that the chorizo sausage was a dish that tasted better when accompanied with beer. The main reason was that it was very salty so the beer helped to wash away some of the salty taste.

After the meal, we continued our quest to look for the information counter. Sayang’s map placed the information counter at a different location so we followed it to

Chinese temple in Macau

a temple…

A street in Macau

which was on this street, together with a school and the Mercado Municipal Da Taipa. We walked up and down the street a few times. Sayang even asked a security guard but we still had no luck finding the information counter. The man eating his tea time snack must be wondering why these two women had walked up and down the street so many times.

Finally we decided to give up. It was after 5pm so it was too late to go to the beach anyway. We hailed a taxi and went back to the ferry terminal where we bought tickets for the trip back to Hong Kong. Sayang and I discussed our day trip and we concluded that perhaps we “真的跟澳门没有缘” (really not fated to visit Macau). This was the second trip and we did not enjoy ourselves any more than the first trip. There were not many sights to see and Sayang felt that shopping-wise was similar to Hong Kong. So there wasn’t much point for us to go to Macau.

We slept again on the ferry ride back to Hong Kong. The seats on the Cotai Jet were really quite comfortable. I said so and Sayang reminded me that the ferry tickets were not that cheap if I wanted to take the ferry just to sleep.

After we reached Hong Kong, we took the MTR to Causeway Bay where there was a big Forever 21 store near the station. It was in a building by itself and consisted of six floors; a basement and five floors above ground. I later learnt that it was the flagship store in Hong Kong. Sayang went to all the floors twice; the second time was to make sure she did not miss out anything.

Peach and mango pudding

After Sayang’s Forever 21 shopping, we went to a Hui Lau Shan outlet across the road and had a mango feast. We tried the new products which were mango and peach pudding.

Peach pudding

The peach pudding had an artificial taste but the mango pudding was quite nice and contained cubes of mango.

Mango platter

We also ordered a mango platter which consisted of mango ice-cream with diced mango, mango cheesecake and mango pudding with glutinous rice balls. Sayang was in mango heaven.

Thus refueled, Sayang decided that she wanted to do another round of shopping. We went to a building which contained many small, indie shops. The shops were so small that when I stepped inside one, I felt as if I‘d filled up the whole place. Since I wasn’t shopping for clothes, I stood outside the shop and played Pocket Planes while waiting for Sayang. This way, other customers would be able to enter the shop.

We visited each floor but luckily Sayang decided not to go through the shops twice. As we were leaving, Sayang asked, “Do you think I should buy the white dress?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Sayang looked at me suspiciously, “Do you know which dress I’m talking about?”

Er, not the last shop?”

“No, the second last white dress.”

Er, then I don’t know which one.”

“Polar!” Sayang exclaimed and hit me on the arm.

Redhead had work to do so she was not able to meet us for dinner. We took a slow walk and reached 美味廚 (Delicious Kitchen) at 10pm. Due to the late hour, we did not have to wait for a table.

Pork rib rice

A colleague recommended this restaurant for the pork ribs so both of us ordered pork ribs for dinner. Sayang had pork ribs which came with rice and vegetables. The pork ribs covered half of the bowl and we could hardly see the vegetables.

Tan tan noodles with pork ribs

I had tan tan noodles with pork ribs. The noodles were a little spicy and the spiciness was the type that hit the back of the throat rather than the tip of the tongue.

Pork ribs

The pork ribs were unusual. Not only was it fried, it was also glazed with honey, giving it a sweet, slightly sticky skin. It was quite nice and the portion was generous.

Braised tofu with mushrooms

We also ordered braised tofu with mushrooms. The egg tofu was used for this dish. I felt this dish was so-so and there was not enough mushrooms.

After dinner we walked slowly back to our hotel. Tonight was our last night in Hong Kong.

Places we ate today

Lord Stow’s Bakery & Cafe
Address: 2119a, Level 3, Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian Macao, Macau
Tel: +853-28866889
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm (Sun – Thu); 10:00am – 12:00am (Fri to Sat)

小飛象葡國餐 (Dumbo Restaurante)
Address: Rua do Regedor Loja a R/C, Hei Loi Tang Kong Cheong, Taipa, Macau
Tel: +853-28827888
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm

美味廚 (Delicious Kitchen)
Address: Shop B, G/F, 9-11Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-25778350
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm
Nearest MTR station: Causeway Bay

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