The Steakhouse

One day someone recommended The Steakhouse to me, saying that the steaks are good. Tempted by visions of tender, juicy cuts of beef, I asked Bell to go for dinner at the restaurant.

I’ve read online that the waiters in this restaurant were not very friendly or courteous and had a certain bias for Caucasians. When we arrived, the person who greeted us at the door seemed friendly enough. It was encouraging.

Unfortunately the service in the restaurant did not get any better. While Bell and I were choosing our cuts of meat, we asked the waiter some questions about the various cuts of meat. He answered at length but not in depth, giving typical advice but was not able to totally answer our questions. Generally I would let this go as there is nothing wrong with not knowing, but the waiter had a somewhat arrogant attitude which irritated me.

We ordered some escargots to share. It came with some toasted white bread. Although the escargots smelled really nice and garlicky, it surprisingly tasted rather bland. We had better escargots at much cheaper restaurants.

We ordered the creamed spinach as we did at Morton’s. The creamed spinach at The Steakhouse was quite nice but rather watery. While it was pretty tasty, it paled in comparison to Morton’s version.

I dropped some creamed spinach on the table while moving some over to my plate. “Hey, it looked just like bird shit,” Bell said. She was quite amused by it and made me take a photo. Just for you, Bell.

Potato gratin

We also had a potato gratin as our side dish. It was cheesy and creamy.

Then our steaks arrived. All our steaks came with half of a tomato. The filling in the tomato was quite nice. Bell had a sirloin with scallops.

I can’t remember what my cut was called but I think it was from somewhere around the back region. The meat was quite nice although a bit dry because there were no fats. It was cooked to medium, just like I asked for.

We were given a few choices for the sauces to accompany the meat. Bell picked herb butter while I had a red wine-based sauce.

The tables were quite closed to each other, giving a rather cramped feeling. During the meal, another waiter bumped into the back of Bell’s chair with so much force, I was able to tell from across the table. Needless to say, Bell was rather irritated when the waiter walked off without a word of apology.

Bell and I decided that we are unlikely to visit this restaurant again. Sadly, complaints about the bad service were quite true. The food was not bad but not so great that it could entice us back for a second visit, especially at the prices they were charging.

The Steakhouse
3B River Valley Road, #01-14 The Foundry, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021
Tel: +65-63321010


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