OChre Italian Restaurant

It was Restaurant Week so Bell and I decided to use of this opportunity to try a new restaurant. After looking at the list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, Bell and I picked OChre Italian Restaurant in the end. The menu looked interesting and the location was accessible for those who did not have a car.


Both Bell and I ordered cocktails. Bell had the Mojito which was carbonated. I had a cocktail called Godfather which was made up of whiskey and amaretto. Bell felt the liquor flavor was too strong to be enjoyable but at least we know that the cocktails were not watered down.


We were given a basket of bread after we placed our orders. The bread was a little warm but all of them were a little hard. I was looking forward to soft, fluffy bread so this was a little disappointing. Even though there were different shapes and sizes for the bread, Bell commented that all the bread seemed to taste the same.

Buffalo mozzarella salad with marinated tomato and aged balsamic

Bell and I tried both appetizers from the Restaurant Week set menu. First was the buffalo mozzarella salad with marinated tomato and aged balsamic. The mozzarella was soft, creamy with a slight tang. I’m not sure if I imagined this but there was also a slight fizzness, like champagne bubbles on the tip of my tongue. We thought this dish was quite nice. I liked it because it’s just a simple dish using good ingredients.

Lobster cream soup

The other appetizer was the lobster cream soup. It was creamy with a strong lobster flavor. While the salad was light and refreshing, this soup felt rich and luxurious. It was also nice in its own way.


Bell and I picked quail for our main course. The quail was stuffed with foie gras and came with truffle polenta and vegetables. The quail was moist and flavorful. We ate rather slowly because there were a lot of bones in the bird. Polenta is made of cornmeal and it had the texture of mashed potatoes.

Banana brulee

There was only one choice for dessert so both of us had the same thing. The dessert was banana brulee and chocolate crumble with Baileys cream. We felt that the dessert wasn’t very good. The banana brulee had a mousse-like texture but there was a strange taste. Bell described it as similar to unripe bananas. Luckily there was a lot of chocolate crumble and we used it to cover up the taste of the banana brulee.

OChre Italian Restaurant
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #11-03, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65-66340423


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