Bake sale at Nylon Coffee Roasters

Mao Mao and her husband brought me to their favorite barista, Nylon Coffee Roasters. Coincidentally, there was also a bake sale going on today. Mao Mao told me that the baker, Sadie Rose, was a lady who liked baking. She is a friend of the owners and would sometimes hold a bake sale outside the shop, selling her homemade cakes and pastries.

Coffee and cakes

While Mao Mao’s husband went to buy our coffee, Mao Mao and I queued up for the cakes and pastries. Nylon is a small shop so there is no seating area. Everybody just hung around the open area under the block. The coffee was good. Mao Mao and her husband, who are more fussy coffee drinkers than me, visited Nylon every week.


We bought two cakes and one savory bun to balance out the sweetness.

Red velvet cake

My favorite was the red velvet cake which was soft and moist. There was just enough buttercream to go with the cake.

Savory bun

Mao Mao liked the savory bun which was salty and cheesy. Her husband liked it too because he stole the last bite while Mao Mao and I were chatting.

Banana cake

I don’t fancy banana cakes in general so I thought this was okay. It had a light banana flavor and was pretty nice and moist.

Nylon Coffee Roasters (Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter)
4 Everton Park #01-40 Singapore 080004
Tel: +65-62202330

Sadie Rose

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