L’etoile Cafe

L'etoile Cafe

I think my visit to Nylon Coffee Roasters must have inspired me. I visited L’etoile Cafe on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I met few people along the way to the cafe and thought that the cafe would be pretty empty but there were more customers than I expected. Most people go up to the comfy and more intimate second floor. Not knowing that there was a second floor available, I just picked a table on the ground floor near the window.


I had a latte. It was quite decent but then I’m not fussy about my coffees. It came with a sweet biscuit which I did not like very much.

Chicken pie

I also ordered a chicken pie which I remembered Keropi said looked quite nice. I couldn’t remember if she ever got to eat it. The chicken pie came with a simple salad with thousand island dressing.

Chicken pie

The pastry was flaky and buttery while the insides were soft and creamy. The first few bites were good but I soon tire of the creamy taste. Apart from the salad, there was little to break the creamy monotony.

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road Singapore 218953
Tel: +65-62982872

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