Blue Avatar cuts herself

It started as a quiet morning in the office. The first inkling that something was not quite right was when my neighbor told me that she saw Blue Avatar sitting quietly in the pantry. She had a strange expression on her face and looked rather pale.

Later on, I bumped into Mr Shiny Earring who told me that Blue Avatar went to the hospital. Although Shiny Earring offered to drive Blue Avatar to the hospital, she declined and another colleague, Flea, drove instead. So Shiny Earring concluded that Blue Avatar was a bit afraid of him. *Roll eyes*

Shiny Earring did seem genuinely concerned about Blue Avatar’s welfare and wondered if he should go and send her home if she was really unwell. But at the same time he was hesitant because he really believed that Blue Avatar was afraid of him. So he asked me to go along with him so that it would be less intimating for Blue Avatar. *Roll eyes again*

Flea returned later and told us that she dropped Blue Avatar off at the hospital. Turned out that Blue Avatar had cut herself and she had to be given three stitches. I was surprised as all along I thought that Blue Avatar was unwell.

Blue Avatar returned to the office just before lunch. Over lunch, she told Mao Mao and I about what really happened.

Do not cut tape this way (quick sketch on Samsung Galaxy Note)

Blue Avatar was trying to cut a double-sided tape and she couldn’t find her scissors so she took her pen knife and used that instead. As we all know, the result for that brilliant piece of problem-solving was three stitches on her finger. Blue Avatar told us there some drops of blood ended up on the cardboard ring of her double-sided tape. Since she was going to use the double-sided tape for some administrative stuff, we joked that she had gotten hurt in the line of duty.

Apparently the bosses heard about Blue Avatar’s trip to the hospital but they were under the impression that she had injured herself while cutting fruits. We decided to let them continue thinking that way as we felt the real reason for Blue Avatar’s injury was a bit dumb. Only Blue Avatar disagreed, saying that cutting fruits felt so auntie.


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