The Pantry

Road towards Loewen Gardens

Sayang and I decided to pay a visit to the farmers’ market at Loewen Gardens. Sayang suggested meeting at Orchard MRT station and then walk to Loewen Gardens to build up our appetite. I don’t need any help with my appetite but it seemed close enough on the map so I agreed. Yes, I forgot that things that seemed close by on the map are actually far away in reality. It took us around 30 mins to reach Loewen Gardens but it was a pretty pleasant walk because there were little people and little traffic.

When we reached Loewen Gardens, there was a piece of paper posted on the gate saying that there was no farmers’ market that day. While we were reading the notice, a woman came up and explained that there were only two stalls today and invited us to take a look. One of the stalls was manned by two Caucasians girls selling sauces for pasta. The other stall was seeing organic vegetables and produce and was manned by the woman, who also turned out to be the organizer of the farmers’ market. Most of her produce was from Nepal and among them were some interesting beans which I had not seen before. She had cooked some of the beans to show customers what could be done with them. We tried the beans and some homemade jams. I liked the plum jam while Sayang liked the spicy ginger jam.

After going through the stalls, we decided to eat at Loewen Gardens instead of going back to Orchard. The Pantry cafe was open and the food looked good. We placed our orders then realized that we had not gotten a table. So we went back outside to look for one. All the tables were occupied by families were enjoying a leisurely meal. Nobody seemed to be leaving soon so we wondered if we should cancel our order instead. Luckily after waiting for a while, a group vacated a table and we shared it with a Caucasian family.

Both of us ordered latte; mine was hot while Sayang’s was cold. The coffee was not bad.

Ham and mushroom quiche

We had a ham and mushroom quiche which came with a simple green salad and potato salad. The quiche was eggy and creamy but not too rich. Whenever I get tired of the rich quiche, I would eat some salad as the balsamic vinegar drizzled on the salad was tangy enough to cut through the creaminess of the quiche. The potato salad was nice but ordinary.

Pancakes with fruits

We also had some pancakes which turned out more like crepes but slightly thicker. It came with maple syrup and fruits. They were freshly cooked so they were nice and warm. The fruits added some sweetness and tartness to the dish. Although this dish was nice, it made me craved for some plain old ordinary pancakes.

Eggs Benedict with spinach

We also had eggs benedict with spinach as Sayang decided to go the healthy. The eggs were perfectly poached and I used the lightly toasted bread to mop up every drop of the runny yolk. The spinach did not have any seasoning and tasted a bit bland on its own. Luckily the hollandaise sauce and the yummy eggs made up for the spinach’s lack of flavor. Then we noticed that the family sharing our table had ordered eggs benedict with bacon. It looked so good that I lamented to Sayang that we should have ordered that instead.

Old house

With our tummies filled, we explored the area around Loewen Gardens. There were a lot of old empty houses along the way to Loewen Gardens and we stopped to look at some of them on our way back to Orchard Road. The old architectural designs bring back a lot of nostalgia for the old days.

Old house

Sayang spotted a sign painted on the road. “Halt! Who uses ‘Halt’ nowadays?” she asked. So she concluded that this must have been painted a long time ago.

The Pantry
75 Loewen Road, Singapore 248844
Tel: +65-64740441


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