Quiznos vs Subway: Classic Club and Melt

Quiznos vs Subway

Pooh Bear and I decided to try another Quiznos vs Subway face off. This time we picked Quiznos’ classic club and Subway’s melt. Even though they had different names, the ingredients were the same. Both sandwiches were made up of turkey, ham and bacon.

Quiznos' classic club

On the first look, Quiznos’ classic club seemed to be bursting with so many greens that they threatened to spill out of the bread. Besides the shredded lettuce, there were also slices of tomato and mayo. Although most of the meat was hidden from view, there was enough in every bite to satisfy a meat eater like me. We had this on white bread which was soft but still had a nice crust.

Subway melt

For the Subway melt, we kept the ingredients as similar to the Quiznos version as possible. We asked for lettuce, tomato and mayo. The meats in the Subway sub were slightly saltier than the Quiznos sub. The lettuce was not shredded as thinly and so stayed a little crunchy. We had this on Italian bread which was the closest to white bread. It was soft on the top but had a hard crust on the bottom.


We felt that the difference between the two subs were quite minor but overall, Quiznos’ ingredients tasted slightly better.

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