Poo Nim Ob Woon Sen at Thai Express

I went to Thai Express at West Coast Plaza for lunch. Even though the restaurant was pretty empty, the service was really slow. Definitely not a place to visit if you are in a hurry.

Poo Nim Ob Woon Sen

I had an old favorite, the Poo Nim Ob Woon Sen. It was glass noodles with black pepper soft shell crab served in a metal pot. Be warned that the whole dish was rather peppery. The glass noodles were savory and chewy and the soft shell crab had a crispy exterior and a creamy center. I didn’t like the pieces of ginger mixed in but they were quite large so they were easy to remove. It’s just that once in a while, I missed a piece of ginger and bit into it. But one could put up with a little bit of irritant for such a tasty dish.

Thai Express
154 West Coast Road, #01-02 West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371
Tel: +65-67760773


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