Bell and I went to TCC for dinner. The ION outlet was pretty crowded and we had to wait for a while to get a table.

Lychee jazz

Bell has a lychee jazz which was rather bland despite the lychee and mint leaves in the glass. It tasted just like carbonated water. I guess both of us were expecting it to be sweet.

Passion yuzu tea

I had a passion yuzu iced tea which was nice.  It was sweet and citrusy.

Misoyaki beef sandwich

Bell had a misoyaki beef sandwich which looked like a burger with the bun at the bottom. At the bottom was Turkish bread throne (the menu said that, not me). The beef was well seasoned and tasty and it was topped with miso mayo gratin. The mayo was creamy and savory but there was too much of it. Bell had to take some off.

I couldn’t help wondering if it would be easier to eat if the beef was sandwiched between two halves of the Turkish bread instead of sitting on top of it. Of course it would lose the visual impact but one could then easily picked it up with his hands to eat it. In the current state, Bell had to use a knife and fork to cut it. It wasn’t easy to cut through the bread and get everything together in a balanced bite.

Crisp-club sandwich

I had the crisp-club sandwich which had three layers of onion focaccia. In between the bread was breaded fried chicken, turkey bacon, cheese and egg mayo. The sandwich was tasty even though I had to eat it separate layers. It came with small pickled onions and gherkins. I thought they were quite nice as they were rather mild in taste but Bell did not like them.


For dessert we had the D’tcc ti-rum-misu which was tiramisu infused with rum and coffee. The alcohol taste was noticeable but not strong. It’s creamy but still pretty light.

Chocolate confession

We also shared a chocolate confession which was chocolatey and satisfying. I liked the crispy layer at the bottom which was a nice contrast to the soft chocolate and cake layers.

2 Orchard Turn #B2-49 ION Orchard, S238801
Tel: +65-65096106

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