TCC again

Bell and I went back to TCC again. We had a pretty good meal the last time so we decided to try the other dishes from TCC. After we were seated, Bell sheepishly confessed that she had dragged her colleague to lunch at a different TCC outlet since our previous visit.

Chocolate drink and mango lassi

Bell ordered a mango lassi which surprisingly had little to no taste of mango.

I had a iced chocolate drink (or was it chocolate milkshake?) which was chocolatey but had the telltale taste of cocoa. Bell had a sip and she agreed that it definitely tasted like cocoa and not chocolate.

Wafu beef spaghetti

I had the wafu beef spaghetti which was quite nice. The beef was marinated in a savory wafu dressing and cooked until it was just blushing in the middle. The pasta had a Japanese soy-based sauce which sounded weird but was actually quite tasty. Bell and I were pleasantly surprised at how well the flavors go together.

2 Orchard Turn #B2-49 ION Orchard, S238801
Tel: +65-65096106

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