Aloha Ma Maison

I met Rixou and Hotasuki for lunch and a movie. Hotasuki suggested a place at Plaza Singapura which she said served very good pancakes. Unfortunately the place that Hotasuki suggested opened quite late and service was said to be quite slow. In the end, both Rixou and I decided to eat near the cinema so that we did not have to rush to catch the show.

So we ended up at Aloha Ma Maison which was Ma Maison with a Hawaiian decor. The menu looked about the same with the addition of some breakfast dishes. Being undecided about whether to eat breakfast food or lunch food, Rizou and I decided to go all out and have both breakfast and lunch at the same time. Hotasuki had only plain pancakes as she had mild food poisoning the day before.

Cheese fritters

For starters, Rizou and I shared the cheese fritters ($9.20). The deep fried cheese had a light crispy outer layer of batter while the insides were melted creaminess. It came with a pot of syrup sprinkled with some pepper.

Rainbow pancakes

We also shared a plate of rainbow pancakes ($13.80) which consisted of seven mini pancakes covered with whipped cream and toppings. The toppings were banana, chocolate chip, strawberry, peanut, pineapple, peach and rainbow sprinkles.

Pancake syrups

The pancakes were accompanied by three different syrups which were maple syrup, an orange-colored fruity syrup and coconut milk. We did not really need the syrups as the whipped cream and toppings had enough sweetness. But since they were available, we tried all of them. We thought the orange syrup tasted a bit weird. Rixou liked the coconut milk which was light and frothy but I still preferred maple syrup for my pancakes.

Beef stroganov and omu rice

Then we continued on with our own individual portion of savory food. I had a beef stroganov ($14.80) which was slices of beef in the Ma Maison brown sauce and butter rice covered with a scrambled (omurice-styled) egg. The beef was tender and the egg was soft and fluffy. I felt the brown sauce was slightly bitter but I have super sensitive taste buds when it comes to bitter and sour flavors so the bitterness in the brown sauce would probably be negligible for most people.

Rixou chose a simpler dish of omu rice ($14.80). For the omu rice, she was given a choice of sauces and she picked the brown sauce. The tomato ketchup rice was covered in the same scrambled egg as mine. Rixou felt that her dish was quite tasty and she had no complaints about the brown sauce.

Aloha Ma Maison
201 Victoria Street, #01-12 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Tel: +65-68844471

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