Paddington House of Pancakes

I visited Paddington House of Pancakes, a restaurant featuring pancakes from different countries. Even though every dish included a pancake of some type, this is not a dessert restaurant as there was a range of main courses and of course, desserts. There were sweet and savory pancakes and even pancake burgers with the bread replaced by savory pancakes.

I’m not in an adventurous mood so I decided to give the more interesting dishes a miss. I just felt like having something sweet, comforting and familiar today. So I ordered a pancake dessert ($14) which came with vanilla ice-cream, banana, pineapple and cheese. It came in stacks of three or six and I went for the lesser quantity option. Three pancakes were quite enough for me.

To be honest, I felt a little disappointed when my order arrived at the table. I thought everything would be mixed into the pancakes resulting in a tasty combination and not arranged as little islands on the plate. The pancakes were just plain pancakes and arrived warm and soft and dusted with cinnamon sugar. The pancakes were okay but what attracted me most was the tasty sweet and salty combination of the pineapple and cheese. This should be easy enough to make at home and there was no need to pay $14 to eat it in a restaurant.

Maybe I should have been more adventurous instead.

Paddington House of Pancakes
180 Kitchener Road, #02-35/36 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Tel: +65-66129029


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