I went Christmas shopping in the morning. For once, Orchard Road was quite empty and it was nice to browse the store without a crowd of people. I left with three big bags filled with Christmas goodies. I must say that it’s a fruitful trip.

After all the shopping, I met Sayang for lunch at Cedele. We shared a starter which consisted of thin slices of bread and four different dips to go with it. There were olive oil, sesame seeds, hummus and one last thing which I had forgotten the name. While it was tasty, I was unimpressed by it. The portions were quite small, especially for the hummus and the red unknown thing beside it. There was not enough to spread on all the slices of bread.

Mushroom risotto

The main courses were much better. Sayang had the mushroom risotto which was rather nice and had lots of mushrooms.

Chilli crab pasta

I had the chilli crab pasta which looked scarily red but was actually not as spicy as it seemed. The soft shell crab was covered in spiced batter and then deep-fried rendering the outside crunchy while the meat remained moist. The sauce was thinner than the original chilli crab sauce. While I wished that it could be like the chilli crab sauce, perhaps the thick sauce would not work in a pasta dish. Did it taste like the famous chilli crab dish? Yes. There was enough resemblance to remain me of the dish and it was not a bad thing.

Dark chocolate fudge cake

We shared a slice of dark chocolate fudge cake for dessert. Dark chocolate fudge covered the exterior and in between the layers of moist chocolate cake. Sayang commented that it tasted like Lana Cake which may be a good or bad thing depending on how much you liked Lana Cake.

501 Orchard Road #03-14, Wheelock Place, Singapore
Tel: +65-67328520


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