Turducken at family Christmas lunch


We gathered at my uncle’s house for a family Christmas lunch. Among all the delicious dishes available, the one that attracted the most attention was the turducken that my aunt ordered. None of us had eaten it before. As all of us crowded around it and took photos, one of my cousins couldn’t help commenting, “Huh? Food also must take photo?” She must have felt left out because one minute later, she took out her cameraphone and said, “Aiyah, since you all take, I also must take.”

A turduken was a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck which was then stuffed into a deboned turkey. The turducken that my aunt ordered came with a brown sauce and a cranberry sauce. The stuffing was also packed separately.


Everybody gathered to watch my auntie cut the turducken. Because it was all deboned, it was easy to cut it into half. Although the turkey was cooked, the duck and the chicken inside were a little undercooked. Since nobody wanted to risk food poisoning during the festive season, my auntie popped the duck and chicken into the oven for a while.

I felt that a turducken was created mostly for the visual impact as cooking the three birds together seemed to add little to their flavor (or maybe the place my auntie bought from wasn’t very good). The turkey still tasted like turkey; the duck still tasted like duck and the chicken still tasted like chicken. The brown sauce was quite okay and the cranberry tasted like those commercial types of sauce. The stuffing had a funky taste which my cousins did not really like. We suspected that the innards were used to make the stuffing.

While the turducken failed to impress us taste-wise, luckily there were plenty of other yummy dishes for us to eat.


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