Okada Coffee

Mao Mao, Sayang and I met for dinner. Mao Mao suggested going to 100AM, a new building in the Tanjong Pagar area, to check out the restaurants there. One of the restaurants we looked at was Okada Coffee, a Japanese cafe. As we stood at the entrance to check out the menu, a woman came up to us and told us about the dishes that were available. So we ended up dining there instead.

I had a yuzu carbonated drink which was light and refreshing.

All of us had a small bowl of salad to go with our main course. The salad was simple but the savory and tangy dressing made it taste really nice.

Mao Mao and I both ordered the baked Japanese curry rice. It came with a bright orange egg yolk peeping out from under the blanket of melted cheese. The egg yolk was still runny, just the way I liked it. Underneath the egg and cheese was the Japanese curry rice. It was pretty yummy and the combination of cheese, egg and Japanese curry goes well together. I wondered why nobody thought of doing it this way before.

Sayang had a hamburger steak which came with macaroni salad, greens, omelet, a sunny side up egg and two slices of soft, warm garlic bread. This dish was tasty as well.

We felt that the dishes served at Okada Coffee were really like the dishes that could be served in the cafes in Japan. It was also pretty obvious that the dishes were created for female customers. There was a dainty feel to the dishes and the portions were on the small size. It was just right for an average woman but for big eaters like me, it still left me feeling a bit hungry after the meal.

All the more room for dessert, I guess.

We shared a slice of chocolate cake for dessert. Just one, because we were planning to go somewhere else for dessert. The cake was dense and rich, like a pound cake. It was also too mighty for one person to tackle by himself so it was a good thing there were three of us.

Okada Coffee
100 Tras Street, #01-14B 100AM, Singapore 079027
Tel: +65-65436028

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