After dinner, Mao Mao, Sayang and I went to a shop called Tsujiri. The shop specializes in maccha soft serve ice-cream. There was also vanilla flavor for those who were not into maccha. All three of us love maccha so we ordered all maccha desserts.

Shiratama parfait

We started off with the shiratama parfait ($7.80) which was maccha soft serve ice-cream with red bean and glutinous rice balls. The maccha ice-cream was tasty and not too sweet. The red beans were also just about right in the sweetness level. The chewy rice balls added to the fun factor of the dessert.

O-maccha roll cake

We had the omaccha roll cake ($4.50) which was just taken out from the fridge so it was still pretty hard. The middle of the cake was a big portion of sweet cream. We did not like this dessert much. The cake was pretty okay once it softened but we were put off by the cream which left a funny aftertaste. Mao Mao’s husband said that it did not taste so bad if one takes it a little bit at a time so we let him finished it up, which he did.

Chiffon parfait

Lastly we ordered a chiffon parfait ($7.50). The maccha soft serve ice-cream was accompanied by cornflakes, red beans and a slice of chiffon cake. We thought the chiffon cake was rather dry and the roll cake was better. I liked the crunch the cornflakes added to the soft serve ice-cream.

100 Tras Street, #01-14B 100AM, Singapore 079027
Tel: +65-65436110


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