Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser

Sayang and I went for brunch at Maison Kayser. We had the sets which came with two breads and a drink each. One of the breads is the croissant but we could choose the other bread. So we had a pain au chocolat and an apple pastry.

The croissant was crispy and flaky. It had a buttery fragrance and I liked it.

The pain au chocolat tasted like a croissant with chocolate in it. It was rather nice but my main complaint, as usual, was that there was not enough chocolate. However, most normal people would not have the same problem because my idea of having enough chocolate was submerging it into a vat of molten deliciousness until the chocolate had penetrated every fold of the dough.

The apple pastry (forgot the name) was quite nice as well and had a sweet and tart flavor.

For drinks, I had a latte while Sayang decided to go for a cappuccino. The coffee was not strong and quite milky. Although serious coffee drinkers would think it too mild, I thought the coffee was easy to go down. I was also won over by the cute little sweet cake on the saucer.

Maison Kayser
6 Scott Road, #B1-09 Scott Square, Singapore 228289
Tel: +65-66363672


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