I met Redhead for lunch at Saveur. I still owe her a treat so this one’s on me. It was crowded during lunch but not as crowded as it was for dinner. We managed to get a table pretty quickly.

We ordered a glass of French red wine ($12) and a Portuguese red wine ($10). The French wine was more mellow and slightly tannic while the Portuguese wine was fruity and spicy. Both wines were smooth and quite nice. I preferred the Portuguese wine which had a slight kick to it.

We started off with the pan-fried foie gras with lentils ($7.90). It still tasted as good as the first time I ate there. The thin crisp on the exterior contrasted nicely with the rest of the soft, creamy foie gras. There was a buttery flavor to the soft lentils.

We had the duck confit ($10.90) which was good. It was crispy in some parts and not crispy in others so they acted as a contrast to each other. The mashed potato and mushrooms that accompanied the duck was great as well.

We also shared a beef tenderloin ($24.90) which was good as well.

It was juicy and tender. Even though the interior was still pretty red, it did not taste bloody at all.

We did not have dessert as I remembered that the desserts were not very good. Redhead enjoyed the meal and said it was a good decision to go to Saveur for lunch.

5 Purvis Street #01-04 Singapore 1088584
Tel: +65-63333121

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