espressoLAB Singapore

After lunch, Mao Mao and her husband brought us to a nice coffee place nearby. It wasn’t very big but it had a nice cozy feel. Mao Mao told us that espressoLAB Singapore was her husband’s backup when his usual barista was out of town.

We ordered a latte each and all our coffee came with nice coffee art. The cups were also bigger than I had expected but I had no problems finishing it because the coffee was rich and creamy. I liked it so much that I wondered aloud whether I should have another cup. Mao Mao looked horrified and quickly reminded me what happened when I had too much caffeine in my system. I guess best to stick to one cup after all.

Mao Mao’s husband tried a special blend which was served to him in a wine glass. All of us took a sip and were surprised to find it a bit bland. There wasn’t a distinctive taste of coffee. Except for Mao Mao who liked it and said that she could taste the fruitiness.

We also ordered some desserts such as chocolate cake and caramel tart. The chocolate cake was nice but so-so.

Mao Mao recommended the caramel tart and I could see why she liked it. Unlike what the name described, it wasn’t full of caramel. The tart was mostly made of dark chocolate with a thin layer of caramel at the bottom. The sweet, creamy caramel complemented the bittersweet chocolate very well. It had just the right amount of sweetness.

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