Ankimo Ponzu at Sushi Tei

I went for lunch at Sushi Tei and ordered the chirashi don ($9.50) which wasn’t satisfying. The rice was a little dry and there was too little raw fish compared to the amount of rice. I couldn’t even be bothered to take a photo of it.

Luckily Sushi Tei was having a promotion which featured some special dishes. I ordered an ankimo ponzu ($6.50) which was cooked monkfish liver. It came with some grated radish and thinly sliced cucumbers. The monkfish liver texture was soft and creamy. Given the heavy taste of pork and chicken livers, I was surprised that the flavors were light and refreshing. There was a very slight fishy taste but not in a bad way, just enough to know that what you are eating comes from the sea.

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