Lunch at Sakuraya Fish Mart

After the disappointing chirashi don I had at Sushi Tei a few days ago, I kept wanting to eat a really good chirashi don. So I went for lunch at Sakuraya Fish Mart where I would be guaranteed to get a good meal. I had eaten at this restaurant a few times and I was never disappointed. The fish was always fresh and good quality.

Lunch was great. I had green tea ($1.50), bara chirashi ($15) and aji fry ($5).

The bara chirashi had a lot of ingredients. There were bite-size chunks of raw fish, egg and cucumbers. The sprinkling of sesame added some nuttiness to the flavor. The ratio of raw fish to rice was just right and the sushi rice was delightfully moist.

I also tried the aji fry which was horse mackerel breaded and deep fried. The fish arrived straight from the deep fryer and was piping hot. Despite being deep fried, this dish did not taste greasy. The horse mackerel was moist, soft and flavorful while the breadcrumbs added a nice crunch.

Sakuraya Fish Mart
154 West Coast Rd, #B1-50/51/52 West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371
Tel: +65-67736973


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