Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is an American fast food restaurant serving cheesesteaks. An outlet had opened at Toa Payoh and I went to try it. I bought the classic meal ($9.90) which came with a classic sub, torpedo fries and a soft drink. It cost an additional $0.55 to change the drink to lemon tea.

The sandwich was not bad but messy to eat. It was a good thing that the sandwich was wrapped as the ingredients kept falling out when I eat. The meat and bread were alright and there was a generous amount of crunchy onions added in. The beef was a little tough and it was hard bite though the meat so I ended up pulling chunks of it out.

What made the sandwich really nice was the cheese sauce. It was more liquid than I had expected but it was still quite thick and creamy. There were layers of flavor in the cheese sauce which was salty and slightly peppery. I really liked the sauce a lot and slurped up every drop. Despite the creaminess of the sauce, it did not make me feel sick at the end of the meal, but left me wanting more.

The torpedo fries were simply fries with more of the delicious cheese sauce. The fries had a crunchy outer layer which stood up well to being submerged in the cheese sauce. Even those at the bottom of the cup still retained a bit of crunch.

Yellow Submarine (Website | Facebook)
Address: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-110 Singapore 310177
Tel: +65-63527890


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