Bell and I went for lunch at DOMVS. Bell had tried the restaurant previously and said the food was good. The restaurant felt rather posh and I was kinda glad that we were seated in a quiet corner. Posh places makes me nervous. I guess it helped that we were there for lunch which was a more casual affair than dinner.

We started off with a bread basket. Besides slices of bread, there were also two pieces of thin, savory crisps which made me thought of papadum. I liked the bread which was crusty but soft on the inside. The bread was so tasty that I gladly finished up the rest when Bell said she had enough. Bell said that her colleague also liked the bread very much. However, Bell remained unimpressed by the bread and later clarified that she personally preferred white bread.

Both Bell and I had the set lunch. For starters, Bell had the calamari which was deep fried until beautifully golden brown and drizzled with mayonnaise.

I had the beef carpaccio. When it arrived at the table, I delighted at what I thought that it was a big pile of raw beef. Then I realized that the paper-thin slices of beef were wrapped over arugula, giving the illusion that there was a big pile of the meat. The carpaccio was accompanied by slices of parmesan, cherry tomatoes, olives and more arugula on the side. There was also a yellow flower, but I felt that it was more for decoration than meant for eating. The beef was good but very mild in flavor.

Bell and I had the same main course which was steak with potatoes, snow peas and baby summer squash. The potatoes were good with a light, fluffy interior while the snow peas were crunchy. Bell and I did not like the baby summer squash which were cute to look at but tasteless.

The steak was not bad and came with a peppery sauce. It was also rather thin which decreased the satisfaction for me. I preferred my steaks to be a bit thicker than this so that there would be a bit of chew to the meat. On the other hand, Bell preferred thin steaks because she had a dainty mouth.

The dessert was cake (I forgot what kind of cake) with chocolate ice-cream. As I got ready to take a photo of it, the long chocolate tube broke into half, right on cue. The ice-cream was nice and chocolatey. However Bell and I were both unimpressed with the cake which was so-so.

Address: Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230
Tel: +65-68395622


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